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Error 53 iPhone - The Apple software update to iOS, can kill your iPhone and make it a worthless brick.
The lastest version of the iOS permanently disables the device, when detects a hardware change made by a non-official Apple technician. Thousands of iPhone users updated the operating system and the smartphone got useless and reported problems with the error 53.
How to fix the Error 53 ? If the iPhone was repaired by a third party or an unauthorised repair provider, the screen, home button or other components are changed.
To fix the iPhone, the customer must contact Apple support and repair in the Official Apple Store.
The hardware changes could affect the touch ID sensor and cause an error when checking and validating the smartphone security and results in an unrecoverable error 53.
The fingerprint pairing is re-validated when the iPhone is serviced by an authorised Apple service provider or Apple retail store for any hardare changes that affect the touch ID sensor to remain secure.
The security software try to protect fingerprint data using a secure and uniquely paired to the touch ID sensor.
Without this unique pairing, some malicious touch ID sensor could be substituted in order to gain access to the secure information.
How to fix black screen? Reset the phone.
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How to fix no service. Move outside or near some cell phone provider
Check the Carrier - Unlocked phones can be used in any wireless network. Some phones are locked to a Mobile Operator, which means the Device can only be used on that Mobile wireless network.
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How to activate ? Mobile Phone Activation - You’ll receive a Mobile SIM kit with the mobile phone. Follow the instructions to get service activated with the Mobile plan of your choice.
How to fix home button. Repair the sensor or screen.
How to fix black screen. Restart the smartphone.
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How to fix speed problems in iPhone? First, you can clean the cache. If the smartphone still slow, you can make a reset. Remember to make a backup before the hardware or software reset.
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